Snaefellsnes & Helga’s Great Icelandic Wedding

Foggy hills, an altar filled with laughter, nights that are an endless dusk. The tight hold of friendship and family, fresh air to fill one’s lungs with, a taste of smokey meat from the sea. Beautiful, beautiful Iceland. Turons emboirats, cerimònia de rialles, nits que són crepuscle infinit. Ens agafa fort l’esprit de família i […]

Lazy Sundays

Ah, Sundays… Blessed days indeed. Socially accepted laziness and procrastination, never-ending mornings… And above all, that marvelous ritual that lets one enjoy food without labels or explanations. Am I an early riser? Breakfast. Am I just in time for brunch? So be it. Ay, los domingos… Qué días maravillosos de pereza socialmente aceptada. Las mañanas […]